Barry Allen is the Best Flash

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Having been born in the late 1980s (1987 to be exact), I and others in my generation have shared many wonderful experiences. We saw the birth of the internet as we know it today. We remember the console war between the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. And, of course, we experienced the oft-criticized 1990s era of comics. But those that managed to sift through the pouches, impossible anatomy, and “x-treme” gimmicks could find a true diamond in the rough: The Flash. It’s truly remarkable that, despite the disdain given to 1990s comics, DC’s Scarlet Speedster managed to become a benchmark for longform, superhero comics. Of course, the quality of the creative teams had something to do with that, with William Messner-Loebs, Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and Geoff Johns taking turns writing the adventures of Wally West, making him arguably the greatest hero to ever carry the Flash mantle. However, this is where I differ from my peers. Despite the feats Wally achieved, he felt like my Flash. For me, that honor has always belonged to his predecessor, Barry Allen.


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