Justice League United #11 Review

Originally published at ComicsBulletin.com

Of all the books coming out from DC after enduring 2 months of event hell, Justice League United #`11 held the most intrigue. I had a rocky relationship with Jeff Lemire’s run, having enjoyed the initial “Justice League Canada” arc, only to be left cold once the Legion of Superheroes and their shenanigans took over the title. With the series now in the hands of writer Jeff Parker and artist Travel Foreman, the book appears to have a tighter focus than before. It’s quite a feat given that the cast has expanded greatly, and promotional artwork promises an even larger roster in the coming months.

Travel Foreman and Jeremy Cox’s vibrant and expressive art is inviting from the opening page, and keeps readers hooked through the final pages. The story Parker has cooked up plays to Foreman’s strengths, allowing him do deliver the same horrifying imagery which he excelled at during his time on Animal Man, while the varied cast allows Cox to play with a variety of hues on each page.

The narrative suffers some of the common flaws found in an introductory issue, but there remain gems to be found. Mera was easily the best element of Parker’s Aquaman run, and it is encouraging to see her brought into the fold here. She joins an eclectic group of characters, including Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy, Etrigan and Equinox to take on the embodiment of chemical waste in the middle of Lake Erie. This lineup hints at the book’s intent to bring in specialized teams to take on certain threats, not unlike the approach employed in the celebrated animated series Justice League Unlimited. The best thing about that approach is that it can lead to unexpected and fascinating character interactions.



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