Archie #1 Review

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For nearly the entirety of my life, Archie and his supporting cast have never seemed that interesting. They were lame comics for kids whose parents wouldn’t buy them anything cool like Spawn or Bloodstrike (the 1990s were an interesting time). Though the publisher has managed to reignite fan excitement through titles like Afterlife With Archie, The Fox, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the core Archie lineup has resorted to gimmicks like “The Death of Archie” to maintain a place in the cultural consciousness. No longer is that the case. By all indications, the new Archie #1 is a must-read.

Credit to the publisher for snagging superstars Mark Waid and Fiona Staples to relaunch Archie. Waid’s vast knowledge of comics history, combined with his ability to craft compelling characters, makes him a perfect fit to write these characters. Be it Archie, Betty, or Jughead, Waid manages to update these characters for modern audiences without betraying the foundation established over the past 75 years. The same can be said for Fiona Staples, who uses her signature thick line-work and mastery of facial expressions to pull readers into the world of Riverdale. Even though Staples will be on the title for only 3 issues (she does have a commitment to a little-known Image series), she has laid the groundwork that can attract readers for the long haul. If the quality of the title remains this high, that shouldn’t be a problem.



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