Green Arrow #41 Review

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Oliver Queen is back! Well, not the goatee-bearing, wisecracking crusader against social injustices, but a version that is actually readable compared to what readers had to deal with just prior to Convergence. Writer Ben Percy (Detective Comics) and Patrick Zircher (The New 52: Futures End) have made Green Arrow effectively a horror title with nightbirds, wart-ladies, and creepily pale villains. This first issue sets up a mystery that looks to be a slow burn reveal.

Fret not fun lovers. The book may be Wytches than Action Comics, but Percy has managed to slip a little of Ollie’s trademark wit into the book. Even better, Percy has sent off Felicity Smoak and brought Emiko back into the fold, and she is not happy with how prepubescent boys act in school. Don’t worry Emiko, you aren’t the only one to contemplate murder after an unwelcome Snapchat – but don’t act on that urge!

Patrick Zircher and Gabe Eltaeb bring their A-game. Much of the issue is spent setting the tone and reintroducing readers to the cast, but the moments they get to stretch their muscles are equal parts disturbing and joyful. The redesigned Green Arrow costume is a satisfying blend of classic Green Arrow while incorporating modern sensibilities, and it looks very good in action. Despite its darker tone, Oliver Queen’s future hasn’t looked this bright in quite a while.


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