Sketchbook Showcase: Special Edition NYC 2015

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This past weekend was the 2015 edition of Special Edition NYC. Organized by ReedPop, the group behind New York Comic Con and C2E2 (among others), the convention’s sophomore year was once again a celebration of comics. Not movies or television shows about comics. Not video games or toys. Just comics. That focus on the industry not only results in a smaller scale show, but also for a chance for passionate readers to engage with their favorite creators in a one-on-one setting. Artist alley may be off the beaten path at the big shows like San Diego or New York Comic Con, but it is the heart of Special Edition NYC. Because of that, it allows fans to get some pretty nice artwork, such as…

Rocketeer - GSmith

The Accelerators (Blue Juice Comics) artist Gavin Smith took the time to complete this Rocketeer sketch while chatting about his series (spoiler alert: it’s good), binge-watching Daredevil, and sharing geekdom with significant others.

Wonder Woman - Franco

Franco from Aw Yeah Comics! and Tiny Titans fame is consistently one of the best people to talk to at conventions. While whipping up this Wonder Woman sketch, he talked about his passion for creating material friendly to younger readers as well as the possibility of opening up an Aw Yeah store on the East Coast.

SpGwen - RRodriguez

A large line formed both days for the Spider-Gwen team of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez. The line continued to grow while Latour was in a panel, but Rodriguez did his best to quell the masses, walking down the line to greet the fans and sign their books. He also managed to whip up some quick sketches on the fly, including this Spider-Gwen.

Red Robin - MTo

During the show’s waning hours on Sunday, Toronto-based artist Marcus To delivered a vintage Red Robin sketch which hearkens back to a time when Tim Drake didn’t look like a Vegas showgirl.

Ninjak - CMann

Valiant artist Clay Mann delivered a sweet sketch of Ninjak, whose book he is currently drawing. Mann may be a man of few words, but that’s largely because he lets his talent do the talking.

Ralph Dibney - KMaguire

Lastly, legend Kevin Maguire of Justice League International (aka the “Bwahaha Justice League) continues to be a joy to talk to. Maguire put together a lovely 11×14 inch commission of Ralph Dibney, the Elongated Man, even though he said it might be a stretch (har har).



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