Valiant Recap: Ivar #5, Divinity #4

Valiant Entertainment hits readers with two releases this week. More time-travel antics are afoot in Ivar, Timewalker #5, while the high-concept tragedy Divinity hits its fourth and final issue.


Ivar, Timewalker #5

You know what’s better than one immortal hero? Three immortal heroes. Or, at least two immortal heroes and one time-traveler who may or may not be immortal. That’s what Fred Van Lente and Francis Portella have in store for readers as the series enters its second arc, “Breaking History.” Also, there’s more time-travel fun that will cause the hardcore continuity sticklers to squirm, which means fun for the rest of us.

With Neela spending time with her [possible] future self, she is off the board for the majority of this issue. Instead, Van Lente spends most of the issue focusing on the relationship between the brothers Ivar, Gilad, and Armstrong. Although all three brothers do not appear together, the creative team is able to convey their complicated relationships, be it through Van Lente’s script or the expressive artwork by Portella. There are a few instances in which the artwork stumbles, but it does not detract heavily from an enjoyable time with the Brothers Anni-Padda.

SCORE: 8/10


Divinity #4

Be sure to have tissues handy when reading the final chapter of Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine’s Divinity, as this creative team delivers an emotionally affecting issue that also raises moral questions relevant in today’s world.

The heart of Divinity #4 is the aftermath of Abram Adams’ resurrection of his love, Eva, and daughter, Anya. Though it is revealed to be a psychological attack by Livewire, causing Divinity to be distracted and ultimately contained, his experience provides closure to the life he left behind. The thought of “what might have been” is a shared human experience, one which no one is ever truly able to get the answers to. The same is true of Divinity, who despite his omnipotent powers, is unable to, using his words, “put things right.”

The issue’s epilogue, in which Unity is debriefed of their mission, raises many questions on the role of government agencies and their efforts to police the world. Was their conflict throughout this miniseries necessary? Should governments attempt to quell potential movements – ideological or otherwise – before they gain traction? What truly constitutes a global threat? Strictly in terms of the Valiant Universe, the impact these questions have should have a lasting impact beyond the foreseeable future.

SCORE: 9/10


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