Valiant Recap: Quantum & Woody

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One of the best things about Valiant is the limited number of books they put out. It allows readers to fully invest in a single universe without requiring a home equity loan or selling one of their children into slavery. As a result, there are some weeks where only one book comes out, such as…

Quantum & Woody Must Die! #4 (of 4)

Dating back to the series’ original volume, James Asmus’ Quantum & Woody has appealed thanks to its irreverent humor and lighter overall tone compared to the rest of Valiant’s lineup. Those traits have carried over to the miniseries Quantum & Woody Must Die! Unfortunately, it seems that Asmus couldn’t figure out how to wrap up the four-issue story, leaving several plot threads open and the narrative ending on a cliffhanger. It leaves readers wanting more, and not in a good way.

The story may have ended up being unsatisfying, but Steve Lieber’s art stayed consistently top-notch for the entirety of the series. Many of Asmus’ gags were dependent on Lieber’s visuals, such as the “suicide sloth” or the Quantum’s alpha-hero showmanship. It makes for some seriously funny stuff. Even when some of the jokes fall flat, they are elevated by the goofy expressions Lieber gives the books various characters. Quantum & Woody Must Die may have fallen short of satisfying, but it was not without merit. The laughs alone should keep readers coming back for the next rowdy adventure.


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