Divergence #1 FCBD (Review)

This review was originally posted at ComicsBulletin.com

DC’s Free Comic Book Day offering does exactly what it should: generate excitement. Given the varied reaction to its current event, Convergence, that is quite a feat. For those entrenched in the world of comics, there may be fewer surprises in store compared to those dipping their toes in the water for the first time. Ultimately, as is the case with most big announcements from DC, fan excitement should come with a side of trepidation.

After a forward from co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee, which tells reader to “expect the unexpected,” the book jumps into its previews for the post-Convergence issues of Batman, Superman, and Justice League. Given that these are DC’s biggest franchises, their inclusion comes as a surprise to no one. What is surprising is the amount of change in store for both the “World’s Finest” but the DC Universe as a whole. The “all-new” Batman is sure to cause a stir under the pen of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Gene Luen Yang’s stint on as Superman writer will begin with a status quo unlike anything seen before. Unfortunately, it continues the trend of making Lois Lane one of the most unlikable characters in the DC Universe since the conclusion of Flashpoint.

Then there’s the preview for “The Darkseid War.” Justice League #40 provided the prologue to this story, but the art from Jason Fabok further demonstrates that this will be an event that truly celebrates the heroism and cosmic scale of the DC Universe. Though Johns’ portrayal of Wonder Woman has been inconsistent throughout his run on Justice League, the prospect of a major DC story arc revolving around her has me excited. Fingers crossed it isn’t another “Amazons Attack.”


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