Daredevil #15 a.k.a. Maybe Secret Identities Serve a Purpose (Review)

Note: This review was originally published at InfiniteComix.com

Upon first glance of Matt Murdock’s new outfit in last month’s Daredevil #14, two thoughts immediately sprang to mind, the first being that the suit is hilariously awesome. The second thought, in true Daredevil tradition, was a very ominous “this is not going to end well.” It is that second notion that storytellers Mark Waid and Chris Samnee take by the horns and run with in Daredevil #15.

A big reason for this book’s success has been the art of Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson. Samnee in particular does a fantastic job conveying Murdock’s desperation and anxiety in seeing his world – including his remaining shreds of privacy – collapse before his eyes. There is one splash page in particular that serves as a beautifully rendered microcosm of the entire issue.

Samnee has never been one to skimp when it comes to adding fun little details. For example, the issue’s various flashbacks are rendered in a grainy resolution, almost as if readers are watching archive footage on a videotape. If you don’t know what that is, please consult an adult.

Matthew Wilson deserves recognition for the wonderful coloring he has provided this title. The vibrant red of Daredevil’s suit pops off the cool, muted palate he gives the streets of San Francisco. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Wilson also takes into account the effect lighting can have on how readers would normally perceive colors. A lack of light results in a more muted palate, a quality that is consistent throughout the issue.

The fun and adventurous tone that the title has maintained since Waid took over back in 2011 remains, but the overarching narrative has begun a return to the darkness that has repeatedly plagued Matt Murdock’s life. Ever one to make decisions based on emotions, his decision to publicly unveil himself has finally come to a head, forcing him sink back into a world of murky morality where his values will be compromised.

Going forward, Matt will have to make continue compromises to protect the ones he loves. For the majority of this issue, Waid has him paired off with the daughter of his longtime enemy the Owl. As the issue concludes, he finds himself seeking the assistance of a nemesis he thought to be long dead. Though it may not have been his intention, the choices made by Waid are a reminder that people in the real world are at times forced into unlikely partnerships for a long-term benefit.

Time is running out on Waid, Samnee, and Wilson’s Daredevil. As it nears its end, readers better strap in for an exciting ride.


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