The Life After #6

If there is an afterlife, I hope it’s the one present in the pages of The Life After. Joshua Hale Fialkov’s take on the world beyond ours is both warped and charming. Whether it’s the 1980s-style administrative offices, foul-mouthed Ernest Hemingway, or giant bunny deities, this purgatory for the suicidal continues to be one of the most interesting worlds published today.

Not a whole lot happens with regard to the overall plot, but that doesn’t mean it fails to entertain. Much of the issue is spent working out the new group dynamic between Jude, Hemingway, and Nettie. Put simply, it’s hilarious. Nettie is consistently appalled by Hemingway’s lewd language. Both characters find Jude to be too apprehensive in general – especially for a dead guy. It’s a fine combination of clashing personalities to watch play out as the series progresses.

The creative team also expends a good amount of time on Tom Foreman, who acts as middle management for the afterlife. It’s mildly entertaining and does a solid job allowing readers to better understand who this character is. But frankly, I can’t really talk about that when there is a GIANT FREAKING BUNNY GOD IN THIS BOOK! Though there are past cultures that had rabbit deities, none were the protector of deceased children. Did I mention that it’s huge and it lets people jump on it like a fluffy trampoline? If that’s not reason enough to at least skim through this book, I don’t know what is.

The Life After #6 is far from a perfect comic. The overall narrative feels as rudderless as the characters themselves, whose motivation seems to be simply “go somewhere else.” That doesn’t seem like much to sustain a long-form story.  However, Fialkov’s ability to inject each installment with twisted humor and original concepts – combined with Gabo’s fantastic artwork – makes it easy to come back for more each month.

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