“Ivar, Timewalker #1” Has Fun With A Confounding Sci-Fi Staple (Review)

(Fred Van Lente / Clayton Henry / Brian Reber; Valiant Entertainment)

Time travel. If ever there was a science fiction trope rooted in pure fantasy, this is certainly it. For decades, the scientific community has stated that the possibility of time travel is only hypothetical, with the the few legitimate possibilities being a major stretch. Yet it is a concept that continues to make its way into the the public sphere thanks to many creative endeavors; a list which now includes Valiant’s Ivar, Timewalker by Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry and Brian Reber.

This is another high-quality title from the resurgent publisher. Fred Van Lente’s script is easily accessible, gently introducing readers to the main protagonists – Ivar Anni-Padda and Dr. Neela Sethi – and setting up what the series should look like going forward. Clayton Henry’s artwork has a stylized aesthetic that is versatile to handle the issue’s wide scope without losing its appeal in the quieter, character moments. The colors by Rich Reber do a wonderful job of giving the book the feel of a fun, adventurous romp.

Van Lente is unafraid of the confusion that time travel can add to any story. Rather, he revels in it, calling out various genre tropes and poking fun at pop culture’s “understanding” of the concept. It’s a wonder we place so many rules on time travel. Will meeting ourselves in another part of the timeline really rip apart the universe? Could even the most insignificant change cause a devastating “butterfly effect”? Maybe… but maybe not. By hitting the reset button on time travel, Van Lente hooks readers in with a story that promises a different look a long-loved concept.

Note: This review was originally published at Comicsbulletin.com


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