Captain Marvel #11 Review

The Christmas spirit shouldn’t be swept under the rug just because the calendar says it’s January. At least that’s the case in Captain Marvel #11 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez. The creative duo once again delivers a fun adventure for Carol Danvers against the backdrop of the holiday season.

After the events of the previous issue brought Carol returning to Earth in time for the holidays (with Lila Cheney in tow), Kelly Sue DeConnick uses this issue to emphasize the importance of family and hospitality while still managing to poke a little fun at the commercialism of Christmas. The duo’s arrival, smack in the middle of Times Square is met with instant levity, courtesy of Lila and her desire to “fit New York City in a shopping bag.” This offers a nice clean separation of the two characters. While Lila is off helping to boost the economy, Carol takes her time back on Earth to visit her bedridden friend, Tracy.

Carol Danvers is a character that has risen in prominence over the past two years, largely due to traits such as this. Kelly Sue DeConnick has developed Captain Marvel into a compassionate, selfless hero… with a bit of an edge when needed. These traits may have always been a part of the character’s history, but they are just now gaining the recognition they deserve. Here is a character who has been away from her home planet for an extended period of time, and rather than spend it having a “good time” with others, she dedicates herself to being by a loved one’s hospital bed. To stick to that goal – especially when a couple villains attempt to ruin the moment – is the aspirational quality that audiences look for in superheroes.

What more can be said about David Lopez’s art? He manages to bring life and energy to each of the title’s cast. The pure joy of Lila’s discovery that she was in Times-Freaking-Square brings smiles to the faces of readers. The pain that Carol feels when looking at Tracy, unconscious in her hospital bed, is shared with the audience. When the title calls for big action, Lopez delivers it. The effort he gives each month, combined with DeConnick’s masterful handling of this cast, has made Captain Marvel one of the most consistently excellent superhero titles on stands today, and the eleventh issue is no exception.

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