Feathers #1 Review

(Jorge Corona / Jen Hickman / Archaia Entertainment)

Feathers is the latest miniseries from BOOM! Studios’ Archaia imprint, so look for it to be collected as a beautiful hardcover later this year. The brainchild of writer-Artist Jorge Corona, Feathers #1 marks the beginning of an all-ages adventure that sees two youngsters from different societal classes (and possibly species) that come together through random happenstance.

As is the case with most of Archaia’s offerings, the real draw of Feathers #1 is the artwork. Its unclear where exactly this story takes place (presumably Europe in the 1800s), but the urban environment which Corona is full of life. Both the decadent housing of the aristocracy and the poor slums have as much charm and personality as the characters he brings to life on the page. Jen Hickman’s smart use of color adds to the atmosphere, mostly using earth-tones with an occasional splash of a more vibrant hue.

Unfortunately, the artwork cannot save Feathers from Corona’s formulaic script, which rehashes classic storytelling tropes throughout. It would have been appreciated if there was more to pull in readers other than “boy with feathers.” Seasoned readers will have few surprises beyond the opening sequence, which sets up a mystery that will presumably run the course of the 6-issue miniseries. Unless there is significant improvement in the second chapter, I can’t see myself continuing further.

Note: This review was originally posted at ComicsBulletin.com


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