The Family Secret #0 Review

(Justin Peniston / Eder Messias / DYM; Space Goat Productions)

For the most part, spandex-clad heroes find themselves without significant relationships outside of a love interest or the rarely seen family figure. Given the serialized nature of most comics, it is rare to see protagonists with relationships that resemble anything outside of a soap opera. Because of this, the reality of the relationship dynamics of The Family Secret #0 made me immediately take notice. The story of a single mother (with powers) trying to make ends meat for herself and her mischievous children (also with powers) not only opens the door to different storytelling than seen in most mainstream series, but also allows for a different level of emotional connection to the characters.

The Family Secret #0 acts as a pilot episode for this series, introducing the reader to the characters, the core relationships, the character’s abilities. Writer Justin Peniston does a solid job building this world through subtle script details, but his dialogue is clunky – especially as it relates to child heroes Carolina and Bailey. He also lays the single-mother cliches on rather thick through the use of internal monologue. Although it enables the reader to quickly understand the mother’s situation, the amount of problems Peniston informs us of borders on fatiguing. The most crucial fault of all is that a script designed to connect readers emotionally with the characters fails to give the mother’s name (it can be found in the extras following the last page of story). Given the light week of releases and the $1.99 price tag, I was willing to give this a chance. However, it’s just not strong enough to keep me coming back for the next installment.

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