REVIEW: Pawn Shop #2

Pawn Shop is back! Perhaps the best thing about the digital release of Joey Esposito and Sean Von Gorman’s comic is the weekly release schedule. Sure, there are some great digital comics that are released weekly, such as DC’s Batman ’66 and Adventures of Superman, but this is in a whole other league. My heartstrings were ready to get tugged, and this issue tugged on them hard.

The second installment in Pawn Shop‘s four-part narrative focuses on Arthur, a nurse (please hold your Meet the Parents jokes) that pines for the affection of Samantha, the sister of his patient. It’s an earnest tale of unrequited love which nearly everyone can identify with. Sure, the situation may not be exactly the same, but the sentiment is. Esposito draws in readers with the mundane aspects of everyday life. Even Arthur’s venture into the local pawn shop for a gift to pass on to his patient comes across as routine. Thankfully Arthur’s routine-based life as presented by Esposito and Von Gorman does not come off as robotic or a caricature, as such things are typically depicted. Rather, readers are presented with a person living their life – they just happen to exist in a two-dimensional plane.

Whereas the first issue focused on Harold’s grieving and emotional healing following his wife’s death, Pawn Shop #2 highlights the potential we all have to make big changes in our lives. Arthur is stuck in a rut, both professionally and socially. Though he claims to be happy with his life, the repetitiveness of his daily activities – including pining for the affections of another – can be depressing for readers. His routines became comfortable, and that comfort has led to complacency. Fortunately, Arthur experiences a cathartic moment while riding the subway for his daily commute and rushes off for what could be a life-altering event. Whatever outcome results from his decision is irrelevant – the fact that he made this decision is what is important here.

In two weeks, Pawn Shop has delivered two fully satisfying chapters. Hopefully the trend continues in week number three.



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