Quick Comics Reviews from Spring 2017

Here’s some more brief reviews I wrote as part of Comics Bulletin’s “Singles Going Steady” column. This time, we’re covering April, May, and June of 2017. Ninjak #25 (Valiant Entertainment) (W) Matt Kindt (A) Steven Segovia (C) Ulises Arreola Valiant has had a pretty good track record since its relaunch with very few stories, let alone single issues, that are considered objectively “bad” by fans … Continue reading Quick Comics Reviews from Spring 2017

Quick Comics Reviews from Early 2017

I’ve written a lot of comic reviews as part of Comics Bulletin’s “Singles Going Steady” feature. Below, I’ve preserved the ones from January through March of 2017 for reference and reading pleasure. Savage Dragon #219 (Image Comics) (W/A) Erik Larsen, (C) Nikos Koutsis Image Comics launched back in 1992, and now only two titles from that original slate of titles remain in publication – Spawn … Continue reading Quick Comics Reviews from Early 2017

Review: Witchblade #5

Image Comics | Top Cow (W) Caitlin Kittredge (A) Roberta Ingranata (C) Bryan Valenza Several issues into the new Witchblade, and it remains a challenge to become truly emotionally invested Alex Underwood’s journey to reluctant hero. Perhaps it’s due to the fragmented script, a character with limited personality, or the cold artwork, but the new  Witchblade has left readers with general feeling of “meh.” Though … Continue reading Review: Witchblade #5

Review: Cyber Force #2

Image Comics | Top Cow Productions (W) Matt Hawkins & Bryan Hill (A) Atilio Rojo The latest volume of Cyber Force builds off the strong foundation of its first issue with another solid outing that continues to flesh out its world. This time, creative team places its emphasis on one of Cyber Force’s most notorious and visually striking enemies, Killjoy. However, it’s not all baddies all the … Continue reading Review: Cyber Force #2

Retro Review: Witchblade/Tomb Raider #1 (1998)

Top Cow Productions | Eidos (w/a) Michael Turner (w) Bill O’Neil (i) Joe Weems (c) Jonathan D. Smith One year after the successful crossover that was Tomb Raider/Witchblade #1, Top Cow put the creative team of Michael Turner, Joe Weems, and Jonathan D. Smith back together for a second go-around. This time, they were joined by Turner’s Fathom co-writer Bill O’Neil. The result was astounding, … Continue reading Retro Review: Witchblade/Tomb Raider #1 (1998)